It has many funny names: turds, dumps, logs, bombs, “number two”s, or brown trout. But whatever comical name you may give bowel movements, the truth is that the health of your poop is no funny business.

As it turns out, the size and frequency of our bowel movements matter. Bigger and more frequent poops are correlated with better health. And let’s admit it, no one likes the feeling of a constipated bloated, belly, right? While genetics can play a role in our digestive tendencies, our habits (mainly what we eat) are the main culprits. Science can back this up. Unfortunately, many clinical studies and medical papers are revealing the truth: the US needs some serious help in the poop department.

So what, may you ask, is the easiest solution to keep things “moving” quickly and easily? FIBER! Cultures that have more frequent bowel movements eat more fiber. Eating more fiber speeds things along in the colon and reduces our risk for many diseases such as diverticulitis and colon cancer (among many). Those who eat a diet centered around lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, as well as nuts and seeds have larger and more frequent poops–multiple times a day. So load up on those apples and bananas when snacking and pile on the greens and whole grains on your plate–your colon will thank you!

If you have a scientific mind and like learning about studies, check out these videos and articles that cover clinical reviews on subjects such as “how many bowel movements should we have a day?”, “relieving yourself of excess estrogen” and “should you sit, squat, or lean during a bowel movement”. You can click here to check them out.

What kinds of healthy fibrous foods help YOU stay “regular?” I’d love to hear!