If your question is somewhere along the line of ‘Can I burn fat with cardio or strength training?’ experts say that the answer to that question actually depends on what you mean when you say ‘burn fat.’ There are two sides to your epic battle of losing weight, you see. If your aim is simply to lose weight as you are struggling with your scale, then cardio is probably the best for you. But, if what you want is to look steamy under your fall sweaters,  then it is time that cozy yourself up for some strength training on the side.

Choosing the right kind of training will help ensure a positive result for your goal of shedding that excess fat.

Cardio training is ideal when it comes to shedding excess fat for it can unquestionably burn calories even more so that strength training, reason why aerobic trainers are known to lose weight faster than strength trainers. However, if you ate working on toning your muscles cardio is not the best training for. The case is that, cardio trainers lose pounds that come from muscle. On the other hand, those that are strength training, particularly the lifters, are able to shed almost pure fat as compared to cardio trainers. Strength training is just the way if you are aiming to build muscle or tone it. It is said that you can burn about 120 calories a day even if you don’t move a single muscle. That for every three pound of muscle you gain. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should work your cardio anymore.

Cardio training is especially beneficial if you are a stress eater. Cardio will be your best friend in slashing stress and waistline for it is effective weight loss fitness training. What you need here is a fitness plan that should include both cardio and strength training. In that way, you will be able to shed excess weight past and still gain muscle. Also, don’t just focus on losing weight while you are in the gym. It is even important that you take care of yourself even when you are outside of the gym – that is you should pay attention to your calories in take.

Correct combination of diet and fitness training is the most effective way that you can truly burn that extra fat that you have. Running, strength training and eating the correct food will be your best asset to a healthier you.